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Amie Chitwood

November 10, 2008

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Bridging-busting agitator


?A patent-pending vibratory drive system and a level-headed control in the new ActiFlow Smart Bulk Solids Activator from K-Tron Process Group (Pitman, NJ) prevents bulk materials from bridging and rat-holing in the stainless steel hoppers of gravimetric feeders. ActiFlow is a nonproduct-contact device, incorporating the vibratory drive and an intelligent control unit. It eliminates the need for mechanical agitators with secondary motors and gearboxes, and the need for either flexible sidewall agitation devices or aeration pads.

The patent-pending, self-tuning algorithm in the control continuously monitors the system, continuously adjusting the frequency and amplitude of the ActiFlow device to maintain optimum flow within the hopper, preventing bridges and rat holes before they form. It also simplifies cleanups during material changeovers and reduces headroom requirements.

It’s bolted outside the extension hopper, above the feedscrews. And working along with the K-Tron Control Module, it continuously activates material inside the hopper with an optimized frequency and amplitude based on changing material flow conditions. Also, when working in concert with K-Tron’s patented Smart Force Transducer weigh scales, advanced filtering algorithms are used to screen out ­vibrations, ensuring an accurate weight signal, even when the ActiFlow is running.

To see the ActiFlow in action, click on www.ktron.com/images/imageLib/multimedia/ActiFlow_EN480x360.mov.

?K-Tron Process Group

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