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August 23, 2008

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Cavity pressure sensor amplifier

NP_Kistler_ac.gifWith the ability to transition from the injection phase of a cycle to the holding phase, a new charge amplifier is designed to support inmold pressure sensor operation. The type 5155A charge amplifier comes in single-channel, two-channel, or four-channel modes. Standardized connectors reportedly make installation easy, and the manufacturer says a sturdy design promises long life.The amplifier is available with an optional internal module that allows it to act as an automatic switchover. This switchover can be set to an optimum point that?s monitored by a cavity pressure sensor tracking the pressure gradient?s rise. Temperature and viscosity are accounted for to prevent early or late switchovers. The d-c unit is powered by 18 to 30V, and it is available with two different measuring ranges.

Kistler Instrument, Amherst, NY
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