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August 23, 2008

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Clear TPE alloy is an alternative to silicone

Molders accustomed to designing parts made from silicone now have an alternative in this new clear TPE alloy. The CL series, which is the fourth TPE in the new line of Versaflex alloys, has many of the favorable characteristics of silicone but offers additional benefits such as lower price, easier processibility, recyclability, and high clarity. Specifically the CL30 and CL40 series (denoting their respective Shore hardnesses) are the clearest TPE products of their type on the market (nearly optical in quality), according to the manufacturer. They also offer high levels of UV resistance.

The grades? clarity makes them suitable for such applications as pacifiers, baby bottle nipples, and cosmetic parts while their tactile feel makes them suitable for two-shot grips and handles. Due to their easy colorability, CL30 and CL40 can be used in applications requiring exceptionally bright, fluorescent, and special-effect colors. For specific pricing information on the CL series, contact the manufacturer.

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