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Collapsible core expansion

Carl Kirkland

December 11, 2008

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Collapsible core expansion

In response to growing popular demand, up to five new standard sizes have been added to the line of collapsible cores from D-M-E- Co. (Madison Heights, MI), according to Chuck Azzopardi, global business manager, mold bases and components. With the new sizes available, the overall length (OAL) range of its standardized collapsible cores, first launched in 1968, has grown from 185.80-285.75 mm to 142.37-285.75 mm.

“We standardized the new sizes in response to growing demand for collapsible cores with these specifications,” says Azzopardi. “The number of custom requests for these sizes grew to the point we felt it was beneficial to our customers to make them available as standards.”

Compared to nontraditional or custom designs, which are typically expensive to build and more difficult to maintain, D-M-E’s line of off-the-shelf, space-saving, and easy-to-install collapsible cores are engineered to allow you moldmakers to achieve internal undercuts in a highly cost-effective manner. And they’re also well suited to allowing you molders to run caps and closures, fluid transfer products, and other products requiring internal threads, undercuts, protrusions, or cutouts, according to the company.

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