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Combo shedder-briquetter

October 1, 2003

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Combo shedder-briquetter

Acombination shedder-briquetter size-reduction system is used to cut and compact rigid foams such as EPS and PUR for reclaim. EPS is a lightweight, high-volume product?typically 2 lb/cu ft?and is costly to transport. With this system, EPS shapes can be compacted to densities of 30 to 60 lb/cu ft for transport, handling, and reclaim purposes. The machine can process shapes, trim scrap, dust, and beads. The system has an automated microprocessor PLC control, modular construction, hydraulic operation, various fan-intake sizes that connect to existing ductwork, and an optional built-in dust filter with a self cleaning system. The rectangular silo has a live moving bottom that feeds the outfeed auger, which feeds up to four briquetters. The round silo has a live rotary bottom available in two sizes to feed one or two briquetters. Briquettes are 2¼-inch diameter, 1- to 6-inch lengths. No binding additives are required.

Briquetting Systems, Vancouver, BC
(604) 818-0287

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