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Compact valve gates for tight spacing

August 23, 2008

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Compact valve gates for tight spacing

Molders of medical and packaging components have a new series of hot runner nozzles at their disposal. The VT Series from Ewikon features a compact valve-gate design that?s compatible with Ewikon?s HPS III-T externally heated manifold system.

The compact valve gates allow for tighter spacing of cavities and smaller-area, multicavity, valve-gate tools. The NV03 needle drive has a compact housing and a diameter of 36 mm, thereby reducing minimum cavity spacing to 40 mm. The valve gate?s pneumatic needle has lengths of 32.5 to 152.5 mm, and it can process PE, PP, and PS. The system reportedly creates balanced flow channels for shot weights up to 15g with a maximum gate diameter of 1.5 mm.

Ewikon Hotrunner Systems of America, East Dundee, IL
(847) 844-9351; www.ewikon.de

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