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Cost-effective melt filtration offered

December 15, 2008

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Cost-effective melt filtration offered

Manual screen changer HSC-080 from Maag Pump Systems is easy on the investment budget.

An enlarged range of caterpillar haul-off/take-off equipment should help processors when extruding tubing and profiles. The Model 313XLF puller in this family has an extra long belt in lengths of either 1500mm or 1800mm, and in widths of either 225mm or 300mm. The longer belts are reported to enable higher traction, thereby putting less strain on the extruder and negating the need for high clamping pressure. Doing away with high clamping pressure helps avoid distortion and damage of end products, particularly damage of thin-walled goods. The caterpillar range features an updated drive package with direct drive AC servomotors powering the belts. Two digital servo drives are used in master/slave configuration for speed control. The top belt is designed to float over any lumps or bumps created during extruder startup. The entire top boom is suspended on two air cylinders at either end. This permits the belt to automatically raise or lower itself over imperfections while retaining adequate grip, says company managing director Christopher Gillard. Peter Gillard & Co. Ltd., Tewkesbury, England; +44-1684-290-243; www.gillard.co.uk.

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