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January 1, 2008

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Cures rubber faster; makes better parts, too

Based on Beaumont’s Melt Flipper, the TurboCure system helps molders of thermoset rubber cut cycle times, with better homogeneity in parts produced. Shown is the system’s injection unit.

Processors of thermoset rubber may be interested in this firm’s TurboCure, a mold design feature developed by Beaumont Technologies and marketed to thermoplastics processors as Melt Flipper, and now offered by REP to molders of thermoset rubber. According to the company, rubber molding cycle times can be reduced by up to 50% with better homogeneity in the compound during injection and curing. How it works: First the TempInverter mechanism avoids the laminar effect and increases a compound’s temperature by 10-15ºF without increasing the maximum temperature of the mold or the mechanical functioning of the part. This occurs at the injection stage. Inside the mold, the FillBalancer mechanism, also from Beaumont, renders the filling more homogenous by ensuring more consistent cavity fill and minimizing temperature variations; the highest-temperature material flows to the center of the cavity, not the perimeter.REP will offer this system to molders of elastomeric compounds under an exclusive license agreement announced at the October 2007 Rubber Expo in Cleveland. Also at that event, the firm announced expansion of its G9 series of injection presses for processing of rubber, TPE and LSR. According to the manufacturer, its showcase machine in this new generation is the V79, a 550-ton press. Other standard presses are offered in the 55-900 clamp-tonnage range.No pit or operator platform is required on the V79, as the movable traverse is located at operator level. Mold thickness adjustment is automatic and the work height is constant, regardless of mold height. Its footprint is just 126 inches wide by 56 inches deep. A new L-shaped injection head also permits floor-level feeding of raw material. All G9 presses are controlled by a 15-inch touchscreen graphics panel and a PC front end. Online diagnostics are standard. REP Corp., Bartlett, IL, U.S.A.; +1 847-697-7210; www.rep.tm.fr

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