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Dow Chemical looks to grow its adhesives portfolio

Dow Chemical announced an increased commitment to growth and innovation to its adhesives portfolio for the packaging, textiles and hygiene markets.The company says that this commitment, which the company is marketing under the theme Science that Connects, means that customers and other key stakeholders will see stronger engagement across value chains, new and differentiated products, enhanced technical support, and thought leadership regarding critical aspects such as sustainability and regulatory compliance across all geographies.

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December 16, 2014

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Dow Chemical looks to grow its adhesives portfolio

"As a reliable provider of innovative adhesives, binders, coatings and dispersions, Dow adhesives is committed to customer success worldwide," stated Greg Bunker, global business director of Dow adhesives for packaging, textiles and hygiene. "Science that Connects reflects Dow's commitment to innovate as a market expert in packaging, textile and non-woven with advantaged innovation from Dow's integration in polyurethane, acrylic and polyethylene envelopes."

In 2014, Dow adhesives for packaging, textiles and hygiene significantly increased its global capabilities such as innovation, equipment and expertise. 

"As an industry leader, Dow is focused on key issues such as food safety, added functionality, and conversion efficiency," said Thorsten Schmidt, principle scientist for laminating adhesives. "We are connecting scientific expertise, application and manufacturing capabilities, and value chain engagement to constantly improve and deliver new solutions for our customers. This year, we launched new MOR-FREE solvent-less adhesives for food packaging applications, PacXpert Packaging Technology that offers a flexible alternative to rigid packaging, and OPULUX optical finishes - a new gravure ready, water-based matte coating that is soft to the touch. These innovative products demonstrate Dow's commitment to the ideation process that delivers science that connects."

Dow also highlighted its Pack Studios initiative, which the company says  builds on this collaboration value proposition by providing customers with an opportunity to leverage Dow's expertise, broad product portfolio, and product and application testing capabilities to accelerate the development of innovative solutions.

"Dow collaborates across the value chain to drive innovation and build stronger bonds," stated Andres Salgado, global marketing leader for laminating adhesives. "Our Pack Studios innovation centers can facilitate collaboration with experts throughout the value chain and provide state-of-the-art conversion machinery, like industry-scale laminators or pouch packaging equipment, to accelerate innovation. Customers can use Pack Studios equipment for testing and prototyping, eliminating to need to use their own equipment and preventing disruptions to their commercial production. We welcome customers to visit any of our four Pack Studios locations around the world."  

In 2015, Dow adhesives for packaging, textiles and hygiene will look to connect with its key markets and stakeholders through industry events and conferences including the European Coatings Show and Label Expo in Europe, NPE2015, China's Adhesives and Tape conference, Feiplastic in Brazil, and many more.

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