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Drying line designed to save energy

March 1, 2007

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Drying line designed to save energy

DryFlex dehumidified drying systems are said to be designed for energy efficiency. Heat used in the drying process is returned in a closed loop, resulting in less new heat input at the drying hopper. Material is heated with a directly mounted hopper heater, preventing heat loss and yielding more accurate ±1-deg temperature control in addition to flexible drying temperatures. Drying hoppers and heater units are insulated against heat loss; and stainless steel, vertically mounted desiccant beds are said to achieve high dewpoints and ideal heating/cooling thermal dynamics. Fully automatic time- and temperature-dependent regeneration is also said to save energy.

Colortronic North America, Flint, MI
(810) 720-7300; www.colortronicna.com

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