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E-shots Web-exclusive: Lean quick-change loader

August 23, 2008

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E-shots Web-exclusive: Lean quick-change loader

A new Novatec (Baltimore, MD) twin-chamber loading system trademarked VersaLoad lets you switch quickly from one resin or color to another without having to do a time-consuming cleanout and without changing your resin source points. VersaLoad consists of two vacuum chambers and a central mini-hopper for a purging compound.

All chambers are rail-mounted above the press and each vacuum chamber is connected to a different raw material conveying line. Changeovers can be accomplished by moving the system on the rail, purging the machine, and moving the other loader into place.

On-the-fly changeovers to a third material or color can be accomplished in one chamber while the other continues to load your press. Operators needn't climb on the machine to make hose changes. And each chamber is equipped with a see-through materials reservoir with an externally mounted, variable-height, photoelectric level sensor.

Models are also available with Novatec's self-contained vacuum loaders, if you don't have a centralized material handling system. VersaLoad systems can be supplied to accommodate throughputs up to 1000 lb/hr.-CK

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