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E-shots Web-exclusive New Product: Simple screw/barrel wear monitor

August 23, 2008

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E-shots Web-exclusive New Product: Simple screw/barrel wear monitor

The Kagayaki machine features 125,000-rpm spindle speed.

Glycon (Tecumseh, MI) says its new SmartBarrel system is an easy and economical way to monitor screw and barrel wear without the downtime that usually occurs when pulling the screw to do such measuring. A digital indicator is inserted via small ports in the barrel to measure screw flight dimensions, a process the company says takes only minutes, and that can be done while maintaining near-processing temperature. The plug that seals the port during normal processing is designed to check for wear of the barrel liner.

SmartBarrel can be installed when a new machine is purchased or when refurbishing a screw and barrel. Ports are drilled where the worst wear can be expected, and the plugs, machined from material similar to the barrel, are installed in the hole, protruding slightly from the interior surface. Final finishing of the barrel surface ensures that the plug is flush. Periodic measurement and correlation with process data let you know when the wear is making a serious impact on productivity and energy costs.-RN

Glycon Corp.
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