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Eight-component blender for complex recipes

August 23, 2008

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Eight-component blender for complex recipes

Material formulas are getting more complicated, so AEC raised the game for its BD Series batch weigh blenders by adding an eight-component model that can process anywhere from 10-2500 lb/hr (5-1130 kg/hr). Based on the design of the six-component BD system already on the market, it adds a riser section below the material hoppers containing two additive feeders that dispense into the weigh hopper with the other six ingredients from a standard slide gate. The Allen-Bradley 10-inch color touch-screen control system, which is standard on the BD Series, simplifies operation through its menu-driven interface, stores up to 50 recipes, and offers three recipe entry modes. AEC says metering is extremely accurate for all eight ingredients, particularly at low percentages, and that its diamond design slide-gate metering assemblies provide a .5-100% recipe range for freeflowing pellet materials. A square ?regrind gate? on one hopper creates a larger opening for free flow when needed. Modular construction aims at faster cleanout and easier maintenance. Weigh hoppers are removable for faster color changes and drain tubes facilitate cleanout. Supply hoppers are coated inside and out to prevent rusting and ease wipe-down.?RN
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