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Expanded nozzle product line

September 1, 2005

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Expanded nozzle product line

The X nozzle product line has new additions in the BX and SX nozzles. The initial nozzle in the line, the MX, is targeted for use in high-cavity count, close-pitch applications, and hot halves where front-end loaded heaters are critical.

The new BX nozzle delivers most of the benefits of the MX, but is aimed at low- to medium-cavity-count applications where parting line service and close pitch are not critical.

The SX nozzle is the third phase of the X nozzle line and is designated for single-nozzle applications. With a secondary heating zone, this nozzle facilitates easy start-ups even with high-temperature materials and provides an excellent temperature profile over the length of the nozzle.

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