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From design to project managementFrom design to project management

August 23, 2008

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From design to project management

In a move that expands its CAD software product offerings, Structural Dynamics Research Corp. (SDRC) has developed a suite of Internet-based product management solutions to enable collaboration on the planning, development, and support of a product.

TeamCenter, as the program is called, is touted by its developer as the only solution that unites all of the essential technologies needed for collaboratively managing a product?project data, product requirements, product information, design, and related business or enterprise information.

The Web-native environment is also CAD neutral, according to SDRC, and is centered around its Collaboration Foundation?a Web infrastructure that controls and manages product information. Through this foundation, team members around the world can author, share, and access product information throughout a product?s life cycle.

Although a number of components are available with the system, other non-SDRC components can be used with TeamCenter because of its open format. Those components that SDRC has developed are outlined below:
-Project Collaboration. All data related to the project is managed here, including tasks and scheduling.
-Requirements Collaboration. This module enables the creation, sharing, and management of a product?s requirements; as a result, customer and regulatory compliance can be built in early in the product development process.
-Product Collaboration. Information about the product is captured and shared here.
-Design Collaboration. Any of the major CAD programs can be used in this component to enable users to create, share, and manage virtual prototypes assembled from multiple geometry sources. Like other online design collaboration offerings, the ability to examine interactive 3-D prototypes aids in early detection of problems.
-Enterprise Collaboration. This component taps into product data management, enterprise resource planning, and component and supplier management systems, integrating critical product information that exists in these core business systems.

Baseline price for a license is less than $500 per user; additional component-based functionality can be added for each user, starting at $400 per application.

In a separate development, to complement its I-deas 3-D solid modeling software, SDRC has integrated Freeform (distinct from SensAble Technologies? FreeForm modeling software)?formerly Imageware?into the mechanical design automation suite. As its name suggests, Freeform is software that allows users to create freeform geometry from curves, surfaces, or measured data.

Within Freeform is a modeler that is said to provide a flexible environment for freeform product design, rapid surfacing, high-quality surfacing, reverse engineering, computer-aided verification, polygonal modeling, rapid prototyping, Class A surfacing, and surface healing. An Inspection subset of the modeler provides the ability to inspect CAD to part or CAD to tool comparisons. The Freeform Light component handles entry-level reverse engineering and basic modeling.

Enhancements include a 3-D constraint engine for curves with fully associative surfacing tools and increased functionality in creating and manipulating curves and surfaces for Class A surfacing users. Pricing ranges from $15,000 to $28,000.

Structural Dynamics Research Corp.
Milford, OH
(800) 848-7372

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