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January 1, 2002

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Gear Pump and Feed Unit Work Together

prod_foc_128.jpgCombined in a compact and mobile system, Rubbex gear pumps and the Shortruder system component work together for gentle processing of elastomer materials. In connection with a universal spray head and integrated straining unit, the process steps of straining and forming can be combined, and both semifinished and finished products are capable of being produced.

The Rubbex system is compact, movable on casters, and as a result highly flexible. A system offering an hourly capacity of 400 kg is only 1200 mm long and weighs about 1500 kg when ready for hooking up. The Rubbex system is offered in five sizes for throughputs from 50 to about 2000 kg/hr. This reportedly ensures that almost all types of natural and synthetic rubber materials can be processed.

The specially developed Shortruder feed unit allows reliable feeding of the feed strips and gentle elastomer processing at the lowest processing temperatures. Warm and cold strips of different hardness can be fed in without delay from the pallet or the roll mill.

The Rubbex system is almost entirely self-cleaning and may be opened with hydraulically or manually actuated clamping facilities. The system offers various plug-and-play system variants, and a Rubbex Expac system component for later installation on already existing extrusion lines.

Elastomer processing supported by gear pumps provides constant and reproducible throughputs independent of the backpressure, and straining with very fine strainers involves only slight increases in temperature without impairing quality. Gear pumps also offer increased operational reliability in the form of throughput consistency during brief strip feed interruptions. Excellent self-cleaning properties are said to result in longer intervals between maintenance, which can be done simply and quickly, and strainer exchange takes only a few minutes.

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