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General purpose machine targets efficiency

August 23, 2008

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General purpose machine targets efficiency

Designed with the custom molder in mind, the new G (Genius) series of toggle presses reportedly offers both energy efficiency and repeatability. The machine?s five-point toggle clamping system consists of chrome-plated, high-tensile tiebars, a low-pressure clamp, a mechanical drop bar and interlock safety device, hydraulic mold height adjustment, and digital speed and pressure settings. Clamp position is monitored via a rotary encoder. The system features a touch-screen control unit for entry of mold parameters, EPROM storage for up to 63 mold settings, and mold cycle status monitoring. Machines are available in tonnages of 95, 165, and 285. The 95-ton unit has a 5.2-oz shot size and costs $31,900; the 165-tonner (see photo) has a 1-oz shot size and costs $36,900; and the 285-ton press has a 27-oz shot size and costs $46,900.

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