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Global silicone range launched

A new, high-consistency elastomer platform based on a uniform production process and raw material inputs has launched, with production in Leverkusen, Germany; Shanghai, China; and Ohta, Japan. Momentive Performance Materials' Silplus silicone elastomers consist of three platforms, each designed for the requirements of different applications, including healthcare, with a range of hardnesses available.

MPW Staff

January 22, 2010

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Global silicone range launched

Silplus MP multipurpose silicone elastomers allow processors to more easily compound or blend elastomers to achieve desired properties and be suitable for a variety of applications and processing equipment. Silplus EX silicone elastomers have enhanced green strength and extrusion performance, making them a fit for hose, tubing, and profile applications. Silplus HS silicone elastomers provide higher strength and enhanced mechanical properties. All grades have satisfied standards for various potential end markets, including healthcare, consumer, automotive, and energy.

Momentive says the new platform will deliver a "truly global platform," produced in a uniform production process and available in a transparent portfolio around the world. In order to meet increasing global demand for these elastomers, Momentive doubled the capacity of its Shanghai plant at the end of 2009. Momentive says many of the new Silplus grades are available for sampling. —[email protected]

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