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Granular gravimetric blender/feeder

August 23, 2008

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Granular gravimetric blender/feeder

Insensitive to vibrations, the new feedthroat-mountable Minicolor G from Motan Inc. (Plainwell, MI) is an automatically self-calibrating blending and feeding unit designed to reliably load accurate quantities of granular masterbatches and additives in precise quantities. Feedscrew speed is continuously monitored and is automatically matched to throughput requirements, ensuring repeatable performance. And it documents its feeding activities for easy traceability.

Its masterbatch storage bins can be removed, as can its feedscrew for quick color changes and easy cleaning. Built from corrosion-resistant materials and engineered for a long, trouble-free service life, the Minicolor G is available in two versions:

? The standard S version features a microprocessor control that stores up to 10 recipes and can be located where it?s convenient for you to control interfacing the unit with your hopper loaders. You punch in the desired color and additive rates as percentages and the control?s uncomplicated display makes monitoring a breeze.
? With the more advanced A version control (pictured), up to two feeding heads can be controlled. Its has a four-color touch screen, Ethernet connectivity, and it documents up to 50 recipes and throughput rates on board, which comes in handy for your ISO compliance activities.?CK

Motan Inc.

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