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Gundrill offers depth, accuracy

August 23, 2008

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Gundrill offers depth, accuracy

TNP_TechniDrill_ac.jpgBy counter-rotating both the workpiece and the cutting tool, a new gundrill promises high accuracy and the ability to operate within close tolerances. The Model 100CR has reportedly achieved an accuracy of ±.005 inch with a runout depth of 40 inches. Concentricity and repeatability are also said to be enhanced due to the counter rotation. The 100CR?s drill widths range from .125 to 1 inch in diameter with depths as long as 48 inches. The system?s controls are said to be user friendly, and its cooling system applies a filter that collects particles as small as 5 µm.
TechniDrill Systems Inc., Kent, OH
(800) 914-5863

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