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May 1, 2005

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Hand-held dewpoint meter used with dryers and compressed air

The Drycap handheld DM70 meter is designed for checking dewpoint in compressed air and dryer applications. A graphical user interface, data-logging capability, and analog output make the meter a versatile field instrument in a portable package. The unit measures in pressurized processes up to 300 psig, with an accuracy of ±2 deg C for dewpoint temperatures down to -60°C. It serves as an independent instrument, a data logger, and an integrated calibration reference for other industrial Vaisala dewpoint instruments. The probe has a sensor purge feature that heats and dries the sensor prior to measurement. As a result, the response time from ambient to dry conditions is exceptionally fast. The meter is lightweight and does not use bulky desiccant containers.

Vaisala Inc., Woburn, MA
(781) 933-4500; www.vaisala.com

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