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Handheld tools make welding thin, delicate parts easierHandheld tools make welding thin, delicate parts easier

August 23, 2008

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Handheld tools make welding thin, delicate parts easier

Flexibility in assembly systems is critical to molders trying to add valuable services. To this end, a line of handheld cutting and welding equipment for plastics applications, available in 35- and 70-kHz units, has been introduced by Sonobond Ultrasonics. The equipment reportedly allows increased operator flexibility, and provides control and repeatable accuracy when welding small or delicate plastic components, and when riveting and inserting miniature metal parts into plastic components.

The first unit, the HandWelder 70, uses high-frequency vibrations (70 kHz) and can be configured for mounting on assembly equipment. It?s best suited for bonding plastic to plastic or plastic to synthetic fabrics and films.

Featuring a 35-kHz design, the Light-Touch HandWelder 35 reportedly prevents component cracking or breaking that may occur when bonding with lower-frequency welders. It is designed for welding medical devices, bonding microbrush assemblies, securing automotive lamp lenses, sealing air valve caps, and bonding other small plastic assemblies.

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