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May 1, 2003

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Handheld welder for staking, spot welding, and insertion

pro_foc_5.jpgThe Zapper HG 602 handheld ultrasonic plastic welder is lightweight and has an ergonomically designed hand grip and trigger for accurate and repeatable results. Typical applications include staking plastic studs to join dissimilar plastic materials or joining metallic components to plastics. The welder can also be used to spot-weld plastics or insert small brass studs into plastics.

The 602 converter translates the 1000W, 20-Khz electrical signal generated by the Zapper PW 10UG power supply into mechanical vibrations. These mechanical vibrations are passed onto the work piece by standard and custom-designed horns. This process is fast, and reportedly does not require elaborate setups or startup times as compared to heat-staking processes.

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