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High accuracy offered in drop test measurement

July 1, 2005

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High accuracy offered in drop test measurement

A single test supplies reliable and reproducible data of plastics and elastic properties of deformable materials. It provides reproducible data on slope of deformation curve, maximum deformation force, deformation of the specimen at maximum deformation force, and energy spent for deformation. The Droptest unit shows the entire deformation profile instead of just the final point of impact results. This enables a more detailed characterization of material properties. Data are recorded in an integrated computer and displayed in diagrams on a color touchscreen. The measuring system consists of a 1.2-kg weight guided linearly so that it falls vertically downward from a height of 185 mm onto a cylindrical specimen. This lies on a load cell which measures the force. Brabender OHG, Duisburg, Germany; brabender.com

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