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High-flow nylons color easily

August 23, 2008

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High-flow nylons color easily

Two new nylon offerings from DSM are said to provide improved flow and easy colorability. Stanyl High Flow Series nylon includes a reinforced, flame-retardant 4/6 grade (46HF5040) that closely matches the flow characteristics of liquid crystal polymers (LCP) without the price premium?as much as 50 percent less, say DSM sources.

Weldline strength of the new grade is three times higher than that of LCP, enabling connector manufacturers to postinsert pins directly after molding without risk of cracking, according to the company. Stanyl High Flow has a UL 94 V-0 rating at .8 mm for all colors, is UL approved for 50 to 100 percent regrind use, and maintains its dimensional integrity during reflow soldering up to 280C.

Akulon Ultraflow fiber-reinforced PA 6 also offers improved flow properties, up to 25 percent better than comparable glass-filled materials. The company reports that these materials are easily colorable, unlike other nylons in this category. To reduce cycle time, DSM has used a proprietary method of reducing viscosity, which the manufacturer says also results in less molded-in stress and superior surface appearance. The nylon flows to the surface faster and wets out the glass matrix better, reportedly providing a higher gloss and improved finish.

The high-flow Akulon grades are available in natural, black, and custom colors in unfilled, 30 percent, and 50 percent glass-fiber-reinforced compounds.

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