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High-hardness TPU Avoids Die Build-upHigh-hardness TPU Avoids Die Build-up

January 31, 2003

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High-hardness TPU  Avoids Die Build-up

Estane ETE (for “easy to extrude”) thermoplastic urethanes are said to provide superior performance and simplified processing. Extrusion can be interrupted for up to 30 min with material in the barrel without affecting product quality.

They can be used as an alternative to nylons and copolyester elastomers to produce tubing that is inherently kink-resistant in tight radii. The hardness and temperature resistance of the materials and their forgiving processing characteristics suit them for film and sheet applications.

The TPUs, which boast excellent transparency, are available in hardnesses up to 70 Shore D in polyester and polyether grades. Noveon, 9911 Brecksville Rd., Cleveland, OH 44141 www.estane.com

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