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April 30, 2021

1 Min Read
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Using the wrong O-rings can cause machinery failure in any production facility or laboratory. Machine failure can cause severe accidents and expensive damages.   Learning what an O-ring is comprised of is all you need to avoid these dangerous and costly situations. However, it is impossible to determine the components of O-ring materials by visual inspection alone, a fast and reliable method for chemical analysis is needed. Join us to learn how to quickly and reliably determine O-ring composition.

You will learn:

•   About FTIR spectroscopy - a versatile and non-destructive method for identifying O-ring materials

•   How to measure a spectrum within seconds using ATR (Attenuated-Total-Reflection)

•   Which Spectrometer is ideal for identifying O-ring materials

•   What Bruker's automated O-ring library of spectra is and how to use it

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