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IMCD to distribute complete SO.F.TER product range in South Africa

Leveraging its existing partnership with SO.F.TER. in the Benelux region, the Rotterdam-based distributor IMCD has signed an exclusive distribution agreement, effective immediately, for the complete package of SO.F.TER. products in South Africa. This comprises the portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers, with elastomeric materials such as Forprene vulcanizates (TPV) and the styrene-based TPEs; as well as a wide range of engineering plastics based on polypropylene, polyamide, ABS and other engineering polymers.

Karen Laird

January 10, 2014

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IMCD to distribute complete SO.F.TER product range in South Africa

On the part of the SO.F.TER Group, the decision to ally with IMCD was prompted by the existing ties between the two companies and SO.F.TER's confidence in the technical and commercial expertise of the IMCD South Africa plastics team. Citing the teams profound knowledge of the local South African market and the comprehensive customer base that they have established, SO.F.TER expressed its satisfaction at the opportunity to actively penetrate the South African market and explore new application potential identified by IMCD.

According to Riccardo Meucci, Global Commercial Director SO.F.TER, IMCD offers a highly qualified service, which includes full logistic, technical and commercial support.

"We have cooperated with them in Benelux for many years and we are very satisfied with this new agreement for South Africa. Last but not least, this agreement allows us to further expand our distribution network, in line with our strategic objective to be a global supplier."

So.F.TER is one of the largest independent compounders in the world. As a result of this new agreement, IMCD  South Africa can now offer a more complete product portfolio and increase its visibility within the plastics market.

"Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer our customers a range of materials and technological solutions unmatched in the South African market. This will further give us the opportunity to develop new and complex projects and to provide solutions tailored to each customer," said Darryl Bunyan, plastics business unit manager at IMCD South Africa.

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