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Industrial process filters

August 23, 2008

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Industrial process filters

Particles and other contaminants are removed from process cooling water by Miller-Leaman?s (Daytona Beach, FL) new Helix industrial process filters. As dirty water enters the filter housing, a high-velocity spinning action occurs, spiraling heavier particles like sand and sediment away from the disk/screen cartridge, down to the base of the filter housing. The particles are either manually or automatically flushed from the filter via the 3?4-inch flush port connection. The filters are available with a polypropylene disk media on the Helix HD Series or a stainless steel screen on the Helix HS Series. The filter housing includes pressure gauge ports so the customer can monitor the differential pressure across the filter, telling them when it needs to be serviced. The Helix filters are available in three model sizes.?KD

Miller-Leaman Inc.

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