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K debut for six-month-old battenfeld-cincinnati

Only six months removed from the merger that created it, extrusion equipment supplier battenfeld-cincinnati (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany) is promising advances from all three of its divisions at the K (Oct. 27-Nov. 3; Düsseldorf, Germany).

MPW Staff

July 8, 2010

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K debut for six-month-old battenfeld-cincinnati

(Oct. 27-Nov. 3; Düsseldorf, Germany). Created in April through the formal combination of Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik GmbH (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany) and Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH (Vienna, Austria), battenfeld-cincinnati is divided in to three divisions-construction, infrastructure, and packaging-that supply extrusion equipment for pipes, profiles, film, and sheet.

Twin-screw line optimized for PVC profiles
The construction division, which is headed by Rainer Kottmeier and focused on profiles, will present a new parallel twin-screw extruder series. The line has been optimized for PVC processing and reportedly offers a 25% increase in output over its predecessor. There are four models available, with screw diameters ranging from 78 to 135 mm and a 34D barrel that is capable of outputs from 100 to 1000 kg/hr in profiles. Apart from the longer melt section, battenfeld-cincinnati said the main contributor to capacity increase is the line's four-shaft drive, which it says is the most powerful available. The twin-screw extruder also features self-optimizing screw tempering, an all-purpose screw geometry, insulated barrel segments, and special anti-wear coating for processing components. At K, the construction division will also provide information about its latest developments in wood-plastic composites (WPC), displaying its conical fiberexK72, which the company says is suited as an entry-level model.

Energy-efficient pipe extrusion and a downstream debut
The infrastructure division, headed by Walter Häder, will offer energy-saving equipment under the Green Pipe brand. Advances for that product line include what battenfeld-cincinnati calls Efficient Air Cooling (EAC), KryoSys, and a new downstream concept, which will debut at K for the first time. EAC provides effective cooling despite a cooling section that's 25-30% shorter by applying a ventilation system inside the pipe die. An additional 20% of the cooling section can be saved by using the special KryoS spiral mandrel die with additional melt-cooling system built in. The company says both concepts support power efficiency through sophisticated energy-recycling systems. The Green Pipe line also includes a new downstream equipment concept that will be shown at the K for the first time. In addition to nearly halving energy consumption for the cooling section, the line has also cut the volume of water needed for its cooling water circuit.

PET film series runs pre-conditioned material
The packaging division, led by Henning Stieglitz, supplies granulators and pelletizers in addition to film-extrusion equipment. At K, the division will present a complete extruder series for cost-efficient and flexible direct extrusion of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. The first extruder of this series-a 1-120-34 D/V single-screw line with a modified planetary section-debuted at K 2007. battenfeld-cincinnati says it's responding to the booming PET film market by launching a complete machine series at K 2010. The series consists of three machine models, with outputs ranging from 600 to 1200 kg/hr. The series can process pre-conditioned PET, which cuts energy costs, and thanks to what battenfeld-cincinnati calls a compact, robust design, the series promises low maintenance costs. 

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