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Labeling laser

Carl Kirkland

December 11, 2008

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Labeling laser

A compact, fully enclosed, portable desktop laser marking system from Lasit USA (Branford, CT) called the LaserTab comes with a fiber laser, galvo scan head, computer, and the company’s FlyX and FlyCad software, both of which support vector and raster engraving of graphics, logos, alphanumerics, bar codes, 2D data matrix, and serialized numbers on plastics. The software also includes diagnostic capabilities for remote troubleshooting.

Tooling areas start at 12 by 16 inches. Additional side enclosures or expanded cavities can be added for longer or larger part sizes. Fully air-cooled, this maintenance-resistant unit is powered by a low-voltage power source that reduces operating costs.

Its motorized, encoder-enabled Z-axis marks components up to 150 mm thick. A pull-out drawer allows for easily marking smaller parts. And its wide cabinet has a manual door with a Class I inspection glass that offers a clear view of the product being marked.

Movement of the Z-axis can be easily performed with a joystick and the company’s Smart Focus system, which generates an image for focus control—a step up in accuracy from older technologies based on the convergence of two laser pointers. A rotary C-axis for marking cylindrical parts is optional. And its FlyCAD operating software is Windows compatible. Depending on options, prices start at about $50,000.

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