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August 23, 2008

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Linear, articulated robots unite in one cell

Reis has conceptualized a versatile injection molding cell that incorporates the best features of linear and articulated-arm robots with multifunctional end-of-arm tooling. In this cell, the Reis RL linear robot used to extract parts from the mold has a fourth axis equipped with a tilting module for flexibility. The linear robot mounted on the fixed platen permits access from either side for die changing and peripherals. For low ceilings, the vertical axis can be telescopic.

What Reis calls a deposit device transfers parts from the linear to the articulated robot, and serves as an assembly station. The articulated robot inserts metal clips brought to it by an oscillating conveyor. The robot can work virtually continuously in this design and has a multifunction gripper that picks up and inserts various small parts that need to be mounted, in addition to handling what has by now become an assembly. Custom designed to the application, this fixture-gripper can assemble several plastic parts concurrently to balance cycle times or increase productivity.

The Reis RV40 six-axis robot offers repeatability of ±.1 mm and is easily programmed for a variety of processes. Both robots use the same controller and interface and the entire system is single sourced by Reis. Price was not given.

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