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Linear motor boosts step responseLinear motor boosts step response

December 1, 2005

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Linear motor boosts step response

Outstanding precision has been realized through the adoption of Sodick's Linear Direct Valve (LDV) in its LD Series machines. The hydraulic valve employs a linear motor for opening/closing and boasts 10 times the step response (i.e., 10 times faster) than its previous linear servo valve; 2-3 msec versus 15-20 msec. The fast-acting valve facilitates rapid ramp up of injection speed, which leads to fast filling time. At IPF, the LDV was fitted on the firm's LD05EH2 machine that was molding 0.1g (0.5g including sprue and runner) connectors in a two-cavity mold in a 6.5-second cycle time from LCP.

Maximum injection speed on the LD05EH2 is 450 mm/sec, and maximum injection pressure 197 MPa. Sodick Plustech, Yokohama, Japan, www.plustech.co.jp

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