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Low-temperature-resistant acrylate ideal for autosLow-temperature-resistant acrylate ideal for autos

August 23, 2008

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Low-temperature-resistant acrylate ideal for autos

A new polyacrylate elastomer, reportedly providing an excellent balance of heat, oil, and low-temperature resistance, has been developed by Zeon Chemicals. Based on Zeon?s patented dual curesite technology, HyTemp 4065 has improved compression set over previous grades and other traditional polyacrylates, providing better sealability. Processing and flow have also received a boost in the new elastomer, and the use of Zeon?s NPC-25 curatives reportedly speeds up cycles and curing time.

Company sources say HyTemp 4065 is ideally suited for injection molded automotive parts including engine and transmission gaskets, since the material?s low-temperature resistance is important in the starting up of engines and transmissions in cold weather. In severe temperature and fluid environments, it can be compounded to withstand ?40 to 200C without cracking or leaking, according to the manufacturer.List price for HyTemp 4065 is $3.57/lb in full skid quantities (1600-lb units).Zeon Chemicals LP
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