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New Borealis plastomers unit enters growing market with new name, range

Linz, Austria—Three months after its acquisition of DEXPlastomers, a 50:50 joint venture between Royal DSM and ExxonMobil Chemical, Borealis detailed its plans for the C8 specialty plastomer, including a new brand and market scope.In a pre-K press conference at the company's Linz, Austria headquarters, Borealis' Jane Toogood said the company will extend the applications for the product across a wider range of polyethylene densities, going from .86 to .96, pushing it into stickier, tackier resins.

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New Borealis plastomers unit enters growing market with new name, range

"The next step is to broaden the product range, and further complement current offerings," Toogood said. Prior to the Borealis acquisition, the business operated in a specific density range, with Borealis to move into a broader slate of PE densities. "This should give new opportunities and new ideas for us," Toogood said.

Borealis noted that global plastomers demand in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, is forecast to expand at annual average growth rates of 3%, 5%, and 11%, respectively, from 2010-2017.

"Global demand shows much higher growth than you typically see across plastics today," Toogood said. Established in 1996 in Geleen, Neitherlands, DEXPlastomers has 120,000 tonnes/yr solution PE capacity. They are made using single site and solution process technologies, with Exact metallocene based and Stamylex linear polyethylene product families.

Applications are split 50:50 between film and non film products, injection molded and extruded. For film, plastomers can augment sealing with lower peak melting points, superior hot tack, and seal integrity. Borealis noted that they are particularly good for sealing through contaminants in bag applications.

Liquid packaging, food packaging, and industrial film make up more than half of demand, accounting for 25%, 19%, and 16%, respectively, with automotive (16%), industrial film (12%), and electrical (5%), rounding out demand.

New name
The company also announced that it will rename the Exact product range, calling it Queo [kway-oh]. In Latin, the name means "I can" or "I am able". The name officially launched at the pre-K event, and right now the logistical work of updating datasheets, etc., is underway. At the K show, the brand will be further introduced and reinforced. 

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