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December 1, 2001

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New Controls & Interface Available For Vacuum Loader; Simple Controller Added To Feeder

December, 2001

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New Controls & Interface Available For Vacuum Loader; Simple Controller AddedTo Feeder

1201k-16.jpgAt K, K-Tron introduced a new control and user interface for its Hurricane vacuum loaders, as well as a feeder controller that is part of its SmartConnex controls (Sep '99 PA, p 47).

New control and interface is designed for use with K-Tron's Hurricane vacuum loaders. The Hurricane Control Unit(HCU) control box is mounted on the side of the vacuum loader and interfaces with the Hurricane Single Unit (HSU) hand-held user interface, which can be mounted in a holder next to the loader or at a distance of up to 3300 ft away.

The HSU can be used for single vacuum loaders or receivers. It is 'hot-pluggable' and can also be used as a portable display for maintenance or configuration in larger systems where multiple receivers are in use. Vacuum pump control is handled via the HCU and loaders are pre-wired at the factory.

Both the HSU and HCU can be used with self-contained loaders or with single central receivers. The HCU can be linked via bus connection to a central PLC for central systems.
Circle 119

Feeder controller The Smart LOPO module feeder controller is part of K-Tron's SmartConnex controls. Unit features integrated refill control for Hurricane vacuum loaders, which is said to provide a 'complete and economical solution' for feeder and vacuum-loader control.

The Smart LOPO is designed for use with K2G and Compact feeder families. It offers loss-in-weight feeder control and uses the same loss-in-weight algorithm used byK-Tron's more advanced controller, the Smart Control Module.

Unit is used with screw feeders using one load cell and motors up to 180 watts. It is generally field-mounted to control one feeder and the controller serves as a single feeder-operator
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K-Tron International, Inc.
Pitman, NJ

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