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New unit added to feeder lineNew unit added to feeder line

August 23, 2008

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New unit added to feeder line

Movacolor has announced the latest addition to its line of additive feeders, the Movacolor-10 (MC-10). The system joins the Movacolor family that includes the MC-16, MC-24, and MC-50. It includes the standard features found on the rest of the line, such as advanced microprocessor controls, a patented dosing cylinder, and precise control of the stepper motor. New features include a 6-liter stainless steel hopper, a redesigned neckpiece, and a programmable control cabinet. The MC-10 can also be controlled by relay, timer, or rpm modes. An LED light represents the input signal coming from the injection molding machine. An optional feature is a keyboard lock, which can be employed once settings are programmed to prevent unauthorized change. Inquiries about the MC-10 can be directed to Romax, the exclusive North American/Canadian distributor of the Movacolor line of additive feeders.

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