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Nozzle designed for easy assembly

August 23, 2008

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Nozzle designed for easy assembly

A redesign of Incoe?s nozzles used with its Integrated and Unitized hot runner systems provides further simplicity during assembly and disassembly. In the previous nozzle, the end cap held the nozzle heater on the shank using only a threaded assembly; the new model uses an additional snap ring. The assembly has also been changed so that the end cap doesn?t have to be removed for a heater change.

The new design is said to eliminate improper assembly and thus material leakage since the end cap is not removed. The nozzle modification does not require any dimensional alteration for installation in the mold, and existing DF Series systems can be easily upgraded to the new version.?KH

Incoe Corp., Troy, MI
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April 2005

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