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Pad printers with built-in ink viscosity controlPad printers with built-in ink viscosity control

August 23, 2008

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Pad printers with built-in ink viscosity control

Viscomat, a feature developed for the Madag MP100 pad printer, continually monitors and adjusts ink viscosity in the printer by automatically feeding and blending in thinner to maintain a preprogrammed viscosity setting. An auger built into the inkwell continually mixes ink while monitoring the resistance against the auger. The resistance tells the Viscomat to add thinner until the appropriate viscosity is reached.

This feature ensures consistent print quality, increased productivity, minimal operator intervention, and rapid inkwell changeover. Pricing information was not provided; but according to the manufacturer, the Viscomat is the equivalent in price to adding a sealed ink cup onto a machine. Automated Industrial Systems
Erie, PA

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