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Pebble samples debut

August 23, 2008

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Pebble samples debut

Eastman Chemical recently unveiled the first of its ?Precious Pebble? samples for Tenite cellulosics at Material ConneXion (New York, NY). The company believes that choice of material goes beyond cost and formability, and that choosing the right material can catapult a product from the mundane to the exceptional. The new sampling philosophy, called Material Difference, aims to use the pebbles to convey a material?s tactile qualities, clarity, and aesthetic qualities such as luster and gloss.The first set of samples consists of five pebbles in glass-like tints, called Glassware, and three scented or Mood pebbles. Future sets will include a range of jewel-like color tones as well as a scented set called Romance, which offers more scent options?chocolate, Piña Colada, and roses.According to Eastman sources, cellulosics are enjoying a renaissance among designers. Often used to mold tool handles, buttons, and spectacle frames, the material is now branching out into golf club heads, toothbrushes, and other consumer products where touch and feel are critical.To create the scented pebble samples, Eastman collaborates with compounder Rotuba (Linden, NJ) and Givaudan, an international fragrance house (Teaneck, NJ).?MMEastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, TN(423) 229-2000; www.eastman.com

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