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Pelletron announces stimulus plan

Presidents can do it, the Society of the Plastics Industry did it for this June’s NPE show, and now Heinz Schneider, president of Pelletron Corp. (Lancaster, PA), has announced his own stimulus package. Working with the local Graystone Bank, Pelletron offers plastics processors, compounders and others in the industry a special discount for a limited time for investments in the company’s DeDuster, which is used to remove fines and dust from plastics before these are processed.

PlasticsToday Staff

April 13, 2009

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Pelletron announces stimulus plan

To apply for the Pelletron stimulus package, the company asks potential customers to go to its website and there determine their potential return-on-investment with the company’s web-based ROI calculator. The second step is to send the company a sample of the material to be processed, and ask Pelletron for a specific stimulus proposal. Alternatively, contact the company at (717) 293-4008. [email protected]

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