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December 1, 1998

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Product News - Modular Vacuum Receivers And Hopper Loaders Are Available InStainless Steel

Modular Vacuum Receivers And Hopper Loaders Are Available In Stainless Steel

pn7-1298.jpgSR Series stainless steel receivers and loaders are said to be price competitive with most mild steel units. Vacuum receivers are priced between $450 and $800 and hopper loaders between $900 and $1400. Stainless steel is said to be easy to clean and to offer lower maintenance requirements.

Receivers and loaders are available in five sizes from 0.1 to 1.6 cu ft and in several configurations. Hoppers can be purchased as a standard hopper loader, as a sight glass hopper loader or as a standard or sight glass vacuum receiver for use in a central conveying system.

The modular units include tube stubs, hopper bodies, 'quick' clamps and motor assemblies that are interchangeable. They are also compatible with the manufacturer's existing designs.

Wood Dale, IL  

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