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Product News - Temperature Control Units, Central Chiller And Granulators

August 1, 1999

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Product News - Temperature Control Units, Central Chiller And Granulators

Temperature Control Units, Central Chiller

And Granulators

pn36-899.jpgSterling and two of its divisions recently introduced a variety of new auxiliaries. Included are a temperature control unit and a line of central chillers (from Sterlco) and a line of press-side granulators (from Ball & Jewell).

The company also announced two new sizes of its recently introduced SMC portable chillers (see Recent & Noteworthy, p 29).

Temperature control units, dubbed the Royal Series, are said to be rugged, compact and suitable for use in processes operating from 0 to 250 F. They are available with 9 to 24 kw heaters and pumps from 3/4 to 7-1/2 hp.

The series uses a simplified internal cast fluid circuit with 40% fewer connections and 80% fewer mechanical parts than previous Sterlco designs in this size. The simplified clear-flow design is said to provide balanced flow with lower pressure drop.

High-efficiency pumps reportedly provide higher flow rates (up to 150 gal/min) at lower pressure (30 psi) for better water flow and temperature control.

The controller uses Sterlco's M2B fuzzy logic control with digital flowmeter capability built right into the control. A digital flowmeter is available as an option.

The units also feature NEMA 12 electrics and meet the new NFPA-70/79 wiring standards. A lockable rotary disconnect and single-point electrical connection are standard.

A variety of options are available including a 300 F high-temperature option.

Steve Petrakis, Sterlco's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said he believes processors are looking for reliable units that are easy to start up, operate and maintain. "These new units," he says, "were designed based on extensive interviews and visits with processors in a variety of applications." Sterling calls this the 'Vision Process.' Petrakis notes that the Sterlco product design team was able to take advantage of new technology, manufacturing capabilities and components to create the TCU.

Other features cited: quick-release side panels for access to internal components, a vertically mounted pump with a seal flush line, common bolt patterns on all pump sizes and liquid-filled 'to process' and 'from process' pressure gages (claimed to last longer and be easier to read than standard gages).

The company asks that you contact them directly for pricing information. Use our Key Contact Directory.

PN 37-8/99Central chiller is an outdoor, air-cooled unit designed to work with an in-plant reservoir and pumping system. The SCOA Series is available in capacities from 20 to 217 tons. Discus type compressor models are available in capacities from 21 to 99 tons and rotary screw compressor models come in capacities from 109 to 217 tons.

Independent refrigeration circuits are said to provide reliability and standby protection. A single-point electrical connection eliminates the need for separate 115 v control lines, while a single set of chilled water connections reduces installation time.

The microprocessor-based controller with remote monitoring to a PC also has modem communication capability for remote diagnostics and system tracking. It also has diagnostics display and monitors more than 40 points.

Pricing for these units starts at around $18,000 and vary based on size and capacity.

Sterling, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

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