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Project management tool gets upgrade

August 23, 2008

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Project management tool gets upgrade

Users have more control and flexibility over project management with ProductSync 2.0, the latest version of the Web-based product management and development tool. Users can instantly set up privileges on a project-by-project basis for all documentation and communication; access privileges can be enabled at every level of a project down to a particular document. ProductSync 2.0 also controls the document flow process to ensure the latest revision to a project is accessible and controlled through the user?s document control group. In addition, native CAD drawings can be converted to viewable formats to be viewed, measured, and marked up.

ProductSync 2.0 includes many group-based features, such as the Web conferencing module that allows teams to view, discuss, and make decisions in a real-time environment. E-mail notifications alert design and project management teams of project progress, and an interactive project management module enables teams to communicate throughout the development process. ProductSync can also be used to record meeting minutes, expectations of deliverables, and other data produced during discussion forums. Visit Conferos at Plastec East 2001, booth 1256.

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