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RFID tags simplify tracking

Amie Chitwood

October 29, 2008

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RFID tags simplify tracking

To help keep track of pallets, totes, or bins in conveying and production line applications, the Easy Loop RFID system can read ID values on the Easy ID tags from distances of up to 50 mm. This system developed by Balluff (Florence, KY) is intended for rugged industrial manufacturing environments, where bar-code-based pallet or process tracking systems are vulnerable to damage and interference, with reliability in some cases less than 90%. The Easy Loop system can track pallets carrying parts from one manufacturing or assembly station to the next, free of errors.

Connecting and interfacing Easy Loop products requires a single cable for power and communication, and standard interfaces like RS-232, RS-422, and Ethernet TCP-IP for communication. Flexible read-head options make mounting simple, even when replacing bar code systems in retrofit applications.

Balluff Inc.

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