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January 1, 2004

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Robot for fast part removal

PF_Wittmann_NR0_0016.gifThe W621 UHSS (Ultra High Speed Servo) top entry robot provides a part removal time of just .33 second. The robot is said to be suited for the removal of thin-wall parts such as mobile phone components and food containers. A specially constructed vertical arm reduces movable masses to a minimum. The actuation of the arm is achieved by oversized toothed belts for high acceleration and top speeds with low noise.

Vertical part removal reportedly allows maximum flexibility for transferring parts to downstream equipment or stacking parts in trays, boxes, or other containers and requires minimum space next to the press.

The robot is equipped with the CNC 6.2 control system, based on the programming method of the CNC 6 control. As a standard, the CNC 6.2 control includes two programming levels for the creation of teach programs. The graphical teach editor is used for simple pick-and-place applications including degating, quality control, reject part, runner drop, and various part placement sub-sequences. The text editor is suitable for virtually any complexity of teach program and connection of downstream equipment to the robot. The TeachBox can be disconnected during normal operation so that the robot can be operated from the subpendant with the keys for the automatic mode, semiautomatic mode, and manual mode, as well as the reference key.

Wittmann Inc., Torrington, CT
(860) 496-9603; www.wittmann-ct.com

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