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Hoping to help bridge the divide between the desire for low cost and the need for high-end technology, Shini-Syncro Extrusion Process Control (Dongguan) Inc. is the name of a recently formed business planning to supply extrusion equipment, primarily for film extrusion, to processors in China and throughout Asia.China's extrusion market is growing rapidly, with more than 8000 lines installed each year in the country. Most are domestically manufactured but the total spend is drastically in favor of imported equipment.

MPW Staff

September 29, 2010

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Shini, Syncro extrusion equipment venture taking solid shape

As reported in April, the two companies—Taiwan's Shini Plastics Technologies Inc. (Taipei) and Italy's Syncro srl (Busto Arsizio)—are forming a new joint venture to serve the automation needs of processors of extruded products. The venture opens China's fast-growing market to Syncro's products while helping Shini expand its customer base, to now mostly injection molders. Shini's core business is the manufacture and sales of plastics auxiliary equipment including driers, feeders and conveyors, dosers and mixers, mold temperature regulators, granulators and recycling equipment, robots and hot runner systems.

The companies provided an update on their venture, with progress now to the point that training of salespeople and technical service personnel began this month. The companies plan to introduce a number of co-developed products: including gravimetric blenders, loss-in-weight metering device and loss-in-weight blender; medium-sized dual-air inlets cooling air rings, automatic cooling air rings with function of adjusting air quantity and Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) inner-cooling system; and online film thickness measuring systems. The companies also will market a monitoring and controlling system to help processors control every aspect of the extrusion process.

Kenny Wu, president of Shini Group, serves as executive director of the new business, with Gabriele Caccia, GSyncro's general manager, serving as CEO. A senior engineer appointed by Syncro will head R&D.

The new venture's website is in development. For now, processors interested in learning more should call or fax at T: +86-0769-82677669, F: +86-0769-82677663. —[email protected]

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