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Size-Reduction News: Press-Side Granulators; Shredder/GranulatorsSize-Reduction News: Press-Side Granulators; Shredder/Granulators

September 1, 1999

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Size-Reduction News: Press-Side Granulators; Shredder/Granulators

Size-Reduction News: Press-Side Granulators; Shredder/Granulators

PN 17-9/99AEC/Nelmor has two new size-reduction systems available: a series of press-side granulators that incorporate a range of new features and single- and dual-stage shredders and shredder/ granulators. 

Beside-the-press granulators The Marathon Series is a new line of press-side granulators designed to process from 5 to more than 450 lb/hr. Cutting chamber sizes include 8 x 10 in., 8 x 14 in., 8 x 18 in., 10 x 12 in. and 10 x 16 in.

The choice of sizes and large selection of rotors and motors allows the company to more closely match the granulator to the application and allows processing of larger parts without selecting an over-sized unit. The Marathon Series replaces Nelmor's FX Series and two of the Premier models.

The series has several new built-in features: a side-entry hopper door, a bed knife adjusting system located at the front of the machine and a 30% wider cutting chamber. Access to the cutting chamber is via an attached ratcheting tool. A double-walled hopper and base, for quiet operation, are standard. Additional sound proofing is optional.

A 4-lb, static-resistant bin made of conductive plastic makes removing regrind less strenuous. The bin is convertible for vacuum take-off applications with a simple insert and an optional 360-deg spout.

TEFC motors are standard. Two illuminated 'start-stop' switches located on either side of the machine let processors access the controls regardless of the machine's proximity to the press. Dual time-delay safety switches interlock the cutting chamber and side hopper cleanout door during operation.

Please contact the manufacturer directly for pricing information. (Use the Key Contact Directory).

PN 20-9/99Single- and dual-stage size reduction The new SH Series of single-stage shredders and dual-stage shredder/ granulators are designed to reduce such bulky and hard-to-handle items as  drums, purgings, sheet materials and heavy industrial scrap. Electric and hydraulic models are available with cutting chambers ranging from 14 x 20 in. to 78 x 43 in.

Standard shredders can process from 300 to over 3500 lb/hr. Hydraulic-drive shredders, dual-stage shredder/ granulators and other special systems can process 10,000 or more lb/hr.

The single-stage shredder has a dual hex-shaft design. Hooked, 10- to 55-mm blades along the parallel, counter-rotating hexshafts intermesh to grab scrap and eliminate flyback. The high torque, low-speed rotation of the blades is said to quickly rip, tear and break ingested material. In addition, cutting action is minimized to reduce wear on blade surfaces.

The dual-stage shredder/ granulator consists of a primary shredding stage to break up large or bulky material and a secondary granulating stage for further size reduction. These systems are said to convert scrap quickly and with a low cutting residence time. And because peak forces are evenly distributed, cutting surface wear is reduced.

Pricing for shredders or shredder/ granulator systems varies greatly depending upon the application. Small shredders start at $30,000. Large systems and dual-stage shredder/granulator systems range from $70,000 to $350,000. A variety of regrind evacuation systems can also be considered for these types of applications.

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