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Small chillers incorporate big-chiller features

August 23, 2008

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Small chillers incorporate big-chiller features

When designing the new DA series of Icewagon low-capacity compact chillers, GCI Industrial Refrigeration didn?t cut cost corners by going with the conventional, less expensive method of cooling?using coils in the tank to refrigerate the coolant. Instead, it developed a coaxial evaporator, which utilizes a magnetic-drive centrifugal circulating pump with an impeller to evaporate the HFC-134a refrigerant, and thus cools fluids down. According to GCI, the evaporator method is more effective than refrigerant coils because turbulence produces the coldest temperatures, and the tanks don?t have turbulence. An energy-efficient hot gas control eliminates the constant on-off compressor short cycling that results in excessive component wear and unnecessary electric power usage. Flow rates reach 5 gal/min with standard output temperatures down to 7C. Temperature control is maintained at ±1 deg C.

Many of the DA chillers? features, like the evaporator, are usually found only on larger, more expensive chillers. Ten models ranging from 725 to 2875W are available with footprints as small as 13 1/4 by 23 inches. Brazed copper piping is used throughout the unit, and a steel frame protects the chiller from impact damage. Removable steel panels allow access for routine inspection and maintenance, and casters allow easy portability. DA series prices start at $1750 for the 1/4-ton (smallest) chiller.

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