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Software cuts 90 percent of core/cavity splitting timeSoftware cuts 90 percent of core/cavity splitting time

August 23, 2008

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Software cuts 90 percent of core/cavity splitting time

As everyone knows, the first step in toolmaking is splitting, which is the process of extracting the core and cavity to determine where the parting line will go and which surfaces go to which side. This time-consuming procedure usually takes toolmakers anywhere from 20 to 200 hours. But not any more.

Cimatron?s new Quick-Split program reportedly cuts that time down to seconds by automatically generating parting lines and parting direction analysis. In demonstrations, Cimatron allowed companies to test IGES files on the software. The largest test was a 76-MB model of a V-8 intake manifold with 36,000 surfaces. The software performed a split in 17 seconds. Smaller files, such as a 6-MB model of a car bumper with 1000 surfaces (pictured) have taken just three seconds to split.Quick-Split also offers animation of what a pull would look like. Different-colored 3-D parts are used to provide a dynamic view of the core and cavity and their components. It separates the original model into core, cavity, inserts, and slides. Other features include drag-and-drop editing of mold components and flexible split options, such as curve, vertical plane, or silhouette. It is a Windows-based software program that can be purchased as an add-on for users of Cimatron for $2000. For non-Cimatron users, the price is $5000. This version is capable of performing splits even if the original data passed to it is not 100 percent accurate.In another development, Cimatron has developed MoldBase 3D software, which is integrated into the company?s drafting package, to free moldmakers from the time-consuming task of creating mold bases. It offers a parametric approach to mold base design and supports a variety of tools and components, including guide pins, leader pins, screws, ejectors, spacers, and cooling channels. It simplifies the process of creating an assembly or plate drawing. Any change in the mold base is automatically reflected in the drawings. MoldBase 3D costs $5000. Cimatron Ltd.
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